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A couple months ago, I introduced myself at a meeting, and what came out of my mouth was a total surprise to me: I told the group that writing L+E+S "completes my life the way nothing else has ever before."

I've since wondered whether that statement was too strong.

But today, pondering again why I blog, I realize that L+E+S does complete my life in a powerful way.

Geranium budWhen I started L+E+S, writing helped me fill in the "something" that I'd felt had been missing for several years. I had been asking what my life's purpose might possibly be. I'd been frustrated that my broad interests didn't point to a single Big Passion. I'd been trying to discern my life's meaning beyond being a good daughter, wife, friend and mom. I had been yearning to make a difference—not necessarily a big difference but a small yet significant difference.

Prior to L+E+S, I had been living a question:
"What am I supposed to be doing in life?"
Writing L+E+S has helped lead me
from aimless questioning to purposeful doing.

And through L+E+S, I am making a small yet significant difference for …

  • myself: Focusing on the heart ventures I love the most fills me up, giving me more to offer those around me; continual learning helps me grow.
  • my daughters: Exploring my own heart’s true path teaches me how I can coach my daughters through their own decisions as they grow up.
  • you! By sharing what I have learned in discovering and living my heart’s true path, I hope to give you the experience of fulfillment and purpose and meaning in your life. 

You are invited to connect with me in a comment below, on twitter or on the L+E+S community Facebook page. I'd love to hear from you!


You might be interested to hear that Karen Walrond has opened registration for her fourth (and possibly final) Path Finder e-course, a course I took last fall that helped set me on my heart's true path. I encourage you to check it out! I receive no compensation for endorsing the Path Finder course.