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"You probably can have it all. Just not at the same time."
—Anna Quindlen

This quote has me thinking about how my last few weeks have been: happy and full (in a good way) but lopsided.

Though the activities I love also include Connecting, Creating and Exploring, my energy lately has been focused on only two of my key heart ventures: Learning and Moving.

As I've been actively participating in a couple e-courses, fresh ideas overflow in my mind and on the pages of my journal and notebooks. Immersed in my Learning, I haven't fully processed the new information to share it here on L+E+S.

My increased devotion to Moving began in early September when I began training for my first 10k run, which I successfully finished this past Saturday. Now I feel happy I accomplished my goal and a little bit hungry for continued training in order to maintain the endurance and fitness level I attained through these past weeks.

In the meantime, the latest pieces in my 52 Birds project have collected dust waiting for me to return with final embellishments. L+E+S has sat online waiting for a new blog post. Even my Instagram feed has endured neglect, waiting for me to explore my surroundings through snapshots.

But it's okay that Creating, Connecting and Exploring are waiting further down the road. I'll get there eventually.

I can do it all. Just not all at once.

What has your heart's path looked like this fall? Are you checking in with each of your heart ventures? Or only focusing on one or two? Leave a comment below, connect via twitter or check in at the L+E+S community Facebook page.