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Learn: 3 Keys to Doing "Great Work"

Writer and photographer Karen Walrond recently led me to this interview of innovation expert Michael Bungay Stanier in which he talks about what he calls "great work."

"Good work," describes Michael, is necessary, productive, efficient and safe.

"Great work," on the other hand, is heart's path work: meaningful, impactful, world- (or community-) changing and, on some level, risky.

Toward the end of the interview (at about minute 22), Michael outlines three key ingredients for filling your life with more "great work":

Focus. Know yourself. Consider where your values lie; what your "peak stories" are (and what makes them stand out). What experiences have challenged and fulfilled you? What really matters to you? Where can you find opportunities to do what you love?

Courage. Beginning "great work" means facing fears, resistance and criticism (whether internal or external). "As soon as you walk down the path of great work, you start meeting resistance ... It takes courage to take that first step," Michael acknowledges.

Resilience. In order to reach goals along the path of "great work," you must choose to move forward even though you know you will stumble and you know giving up would be easier. Following your heart's true path requires a measure of determination.

Do you have the focus, courage and resilience to do "great work?" To follow your heart's true path? How can you develop and strengthen the focus, courage and resilience you need to sustain a more fulfilling and purposeful life? Leave your thoughts in a comment here, on our community Facebook page or via twitter, and watch for a follow-up post on this topic.