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Learn: Recentering

Just as it has taken practice for me to discern my heart's true path, it continues to take practice for me to recognize when I am off track.

There have been times when I have felt overwhelmed, dejected or stuck in a rut for a few days (or several) before it clicks with me that I'm off track.

At these times, I ask myself:

  • Am I listening to my heart? Have I been practicing meditation? Have I been journaling?
  • Am I making use of heart maps? Have I been intentional in spending my time?
  • Am I honoring my heart's ventures? Have I been including activities I love in my day-to-day life?

When I'm off track, my answer to one or more of these questions (and, if I'm honest, usually all of them) is no.

This no, though, feels like a wave of relief: Oh, that's what's going on! This no acts like a flashlight shining on my path: My way forward suddenly becomes clear: I need to honor my heart and recenter on my heart.

I need to pay attention and listen to my heart.

I need to record my heart's desires and create a map that will guide me through my days.

I need to spend time with intention and do activities that bring my heart joy.  

Returning to heart-centered habits seems to bring my life back into a delicate balance. I feel a stronger sense of meaning and purpose. I feel more efficient and less overwhelmed. I feel like I'm moving forward rather than stalling out.

To avoid waiting until I am already off track to recenter, I can work on developing a habit to check in with myself more frequently. What's your experience? How do you recognize when it's time to recenter? Share your insights in a comment below, on our community Facebook page or via twitter.