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Explore: Your "American Dream"

Author and marketing consultant Dori Molitor, one of the local speakers at the recent TEDxTC event, claims that women are recalibrating the "American Dream." Women seek partners rather than princes and value humanity, health, the freedom to choose and the power of voice. Women are pursuing happiness by living with intention.

"What brings you true, deep happiness?" Molitor posed to the TEDxTC audience. On screen was an image of a woman's silhouette, labeled "What do I ..."

  • dream about
  • care about
  • worry about
  • stand for

What do you dream about, care about, worry about and stand for? Take time to ponder your deep answers to these questions. What do your answers reveal? Do your key dreams, cares, worries and passions play regular roles in your daily life? Are you recalibrating your "American Dream?"

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