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Meet Leslie, a photographer, writer and artist, who participated in Karen Walrond's first Path Finder course with me last fall.

Leslie at Camp Mighty

Knowing that Leslie had recently completed her new vision board, I was curious to hear how her vision board and her word-of-the year work for her. Here's how Leslie responded to my questions:

What tools (e.g., vision board, to-do list, mind map, journal) do you use to help you live your Word-of-the-Year, to integrate your Word into your day-to-day activities?
The vision board is really the greatest tool that I use. It provides context for the one word and also visuals that help me understand it. I also have to do lists, mind maps and journals, but generally not specifically about my word of the year. Once the board is made, the word sort of stays in my head.

What practices or routines help you live your Word-of-the-Year?
I keep the board where I can see it in my Studio. I look at it constantly and it reminds me to keep it in mind when working or making decisions.

Do you hold yourself accountable for making progress surrounding your Word? If so, how do you reflect on and/or measure your success?
I check in with my Life List frequently to see if I have accomplished any goals. Choosing my five goals for the year (Camp Mighty) is guided by my word. 

What role does community play in how you live your Word?
I engage with the Camp Mighty community in Facebook groups and on the Go Mighty site. Many people who are engaged with Life Lists also choose a one word.

For me, my one word for the year is not really something I actively think about after I choose it. It's more like a nebulous thing that floats around and indirectly guides me when I'm making choices about my life. It's an intention and not really something that I worry too much about. I'm not constantly asking myself, am I living my word? For me, that might take away some of the magic. I like this to be an intuitive element in my life and not something that I dwell on too much.

FOCUS: Leslie's 2013 Vision Board

This year my word is FOCUS. The definition is the center of interest or activity. It also means to become able to see clearly. My greatest frustration with myself is my wide variety of interests and projects and I'd like to narrow down the list and FOCUS on the projects and tasks that will help me accomplish my greatest goals. I would also like to be able to see my future more clearly and to really define what it is that I want for my life. Last year was ENDEAVOR and I just wanted to try everything and spread a wide net. This year I am trying to pull it back in a little and focus on the things I discovered about myself that I know to be most true.


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