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In the past couple years I've experienced the value of listening to my inner self. It's relatively easy to be still with my body, but to listen to my heart requires being still with my mind.

Listening to my inner self is about:

  • recognizing my heart's truth and respecting it as my truth
  • letting go of expectations and accepting my truth today at face value
  • centering myself on my truth, my heart's values
  • acknowledging my thoughts and setting them aside so that I can act and make decisions from the position of my heart's truth

Jennifer Louden, in her book Comfort Secrets for Busy Women, makes these suggestions for making time to practice inner listening:

  • take time before work or before your family wakes up;
  • focus on your heart's messages as you wait in the carpool line or the grocery store check-out;
  • designate a specific time to listen to your heart: in bed on Sunday night, on your Monday lunch hour, before your weekly dinner date or each time after you exercise.

Think of your regular routine and consider how you can focus on what your heart has to say while you:

  • take a bath or shower;
  • style your hair or put on makeup;
  • put groceries or dishes away;
  • sort or fold laundry.

Your heart has more to reveal than you might imagine, and often the answers to our own most puzzling questions rest within us rather than without, waiting patiently for us to be ready to listen.


What suggestions would you add to these ideas for inner listening? What have you discovered when you've listened deeply to your heart? You're invited to share your thoughts and experiences in a comment here, on our community Facebook page or via twitter.


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