Learn: The Value of Inner Listening
Learn: Two Tactics for Discovering Your Heart's True Path

Share: The Heart's Path Spectrum

"I need to find and keep my balance ... with a much greater focus on care and time for self, the missing part that left me feeling incomplete and with some regrets." 

—Carol Cochran, age 75 
as published 
here in the Minnesota Women's Press

This is one woman's intention to follow her heart. Last weekend I encountered others who aren't ready to honor their hearts. ("Who has the time?" shrugged one.) In considering these various positions and attitudes toward heart's path discovery, I came to a few conclusions:

  1. There is a need for Learn + Explore + Share and for people to Join the Upcoming Heart's Path Discovery Session.
  2. A person is never too old to begin discovering and living her heart's true path.
  3. Focusing on discovering and living one's true path is a personal choice.

Where are you in the heart's path spectrum? Are you content and fulfilled following your true path? (If so, contact me to arrange a Heart's Path Explorer interview!) Are you just beginning to explore your possibilities? Have you been seeking your purpose and haven't known where to look? Are you ready to dig deep and start listening to your heart?

You’re invited to share the story of your own journey in a comment below, at the community Facebook page or via twitter.


Join the Heart's Path Discovery Sessions

If you're seeking your heart's true path, join me for the 3-week in-person Heart's Path Discovery Sessions that begin February 16. Heart’s Path Discovery Sessions offer a set of guideposts for discovering and living your heart's true path, a strategy for finding what activities you love and then living with intention and with a greater sense of meaning.

Click here to learn more and for registration information. I hope you'll join us!