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Learn: Mandalas Are Heart’s Path Tools

On Instagram, I follow artist Connie Hozvicka who posted an image of a mandala she'd been drawing. "Hmm," I thought to myself, "I ought to learn more about mandalas." A few days later, I found myself participating in a two-hour mandala workshop presented by Circle of Wellness Consulting.

Mandala is a Sanskrit word meaning "circle." In Buddhist and Hindu traditions, mandalas are symbols of "wholeness" or "completeness." Mandalas can also be recognized in circular symbols all over the world, including in Christian, Native American and Celtic traditions as wells as in labyrinths, nature and the zodiac.

Mandalas for Meditation and Self-Discovery

Mandala by LearnExploreShare.com in Circle of Wellness workshop
my workshop mandala
Mandalas can be used as tools for relaxation or meditation. You can find mandalas for meditation in books including Healing Mandalas, The Art of Mandala Meditation and The Mandala Book. You can also view and purchase mandalas online at Mandala Visions, Hither Woods Mandalas and from many other sources.

Psychiatrist Carl Jung found that our inner wisdom can emerge through creating personal mandalas. (Read more here.) Mary, one of the workshop presenters, described that creating a personal mandala can:

  • clear or create space for our authentic selves to come forward.
  • develop a relationship with our inner selves. 
  • help us get in touch with our intuition.

Mary explained how research has shown that using mandalas can help reduce anxiety, produce relaxation and encourage emotional healing. Studies of nurses have shown that mandalas can help them communicate better with patients and also reconnect with their passion toward their work.

Mandalas as Heart’s Path Tools

Mandalas can serve as tools for discovering and living our hearts' true paths. In order to build a foundation of mindfulness and self-awareness, focusing on a mandala might serve you well. And to listen deeply to the wisdom of your heart, you might try your hand at creating a personal mandala. Watch for next week's post that will describe what's involved in creating your own personal mandala.

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