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Learn: Two Tactics for Discovering Your Heart's True Path


When I describe Learn + Explore + Share and the forthcoming Heart's Path Discovery Sessions to people, the response I hear most often is one of still seeking rather than of discovery or contentment.

Two Tactics

1. Record your gratitude. Earlier this week, I learned from my friend Karen, a Lutheran pastor, about a practice of discernment that originated back in the 16th century with St. Ignatius. One of the founding Jesuits, Ignatius focused on "contemplative action" and developed a set of 22 rules for discerning one's spiritual direction. A simple tactic based on Ignatius's rules for discernment is to write down what you're most grateful for each day and also what you're least grateful for each day. The idea is for you to spend more time doing what brings you most gratitude and joy and to do less of what brings you down.

Heart list
a snapshot of my list

2. Make a long list.
 The method I used to discover my heart's true path, and the one I learned in Karen Walrond's Path Finder course, involves three phases of writing a list of everything you love to do. Phase one is just that: writing a long list of every last activity you love doing. After you've done that, you're ready for phase two: looking back at your list and recording what it is about each of those activities that you love.


Beginning Your Exploration 

Built on a foundation of self-awareness or mindfulness, both of these tactics offer strategies for recording the data of your heart, which you can then study for patterns that you'll be able to use in mapping your heart's true path. Both tactics require awareness and deep listening, and both depend on you to invest time in being honest and thorough and thoughtful in listening and recording what's in your heart.

Phase three in Karen Walrond's listing tactic, and the next step in the Ignatian-based tactic, involves studying the patterns of your heart. Watch for a forthcoming post that will describe this phase of analyzing that heart data you've recorded. 

Do either of these tactics appeal to you? Do you have another suggested method for beginning to discover your heart's true path? Please share a comment below, at the community Facebook page or via twitter.


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