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The other day, someone asked me what I've learned from discovering and living my heart's true path.

What advice, she basically asked, could I impart in 5 minutes or less?

Don't wait, I responded. Don't wait for the bills to be paid, the house to be clean, the kids to be out of school before you begin discovering and living your heart's true path. Carve out little chunks of time each day to do what you love, and you'll begin to feel whole.

I'm not the only one imparting this advice.

Earlier this week, I read this blog post from self-described human sparkler Liv Lane. Part-time dream-chasing works, she pronounces. Liv writes, "[A] funny thing happens when we pursue our passions and chase our dreams part-time: we invite joy to be present full-time.

Life coach and bestselling author Martha Beck says the same thing in this 2-minute video. It's not one or the other (not your current life or your dream life, for example). Dedicating just 15 minutes a day to your passion, Martha exhorts, can shift your life's direction. 

Finally, watch (and listen!) to this short TEDx talk (which I found here). Will Hewett shares his story of committing to sing just 15 minutes each day for a year. I love how he describes that his whole day centered on these 15 minutes. "Time bows to authentic commitment," he attests, "and it stretches to accommodate it."  


What will you do with your 15 minutes a day? Are you ready for your life to change? Your comments and experiences are welcome here, at the community Facebook page or via twitter.


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