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In past posts, I've mentioned creating a Heart Map (see Explore: Your Heart), a mind-mapped to-do list. Centered on my Word-of-the-Year, each Heart Map map branches out to my Heart Ventures, activities I most love to do.

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Heart Map, October 2011

Usually, I use these to-do maps to plan my days or my weeks. For the past several weeks, though, I haven't taken time to create a Heart Map. I've been following a "map" that's in my mind, but I don't have anything down on paper. When I notice I'm moving along without a Heart Map, sometimes I stop and jot down what I call a "back map."

Creating  a Back Map

Back mapping simply involves reviewing where I've been. In my journal, I ask myself how I've been living my Heart Ventures (which include connecting, creating, exploring, learning and moving). I write down "I've been connecting ..." then I list how I've connected with people in recent days. I continue this review for each of my Heart Ventures.

What a Back Map Reveals

When I've finished back mapping, I can see where I've been spending my energy. I can also see whether I'm on my heart's true path. If I don't have anything or many activities listed under one Heart Venture, I can see the area where I'm neglecting my heart or where I'm off track. This gives me a chance to correct my route and redistribute my energy so I'm fully living my heart's true path.


How do you evaluate your route through life? How do you keep yourself on track? Share your tips in a comment below, at the community Facebook page or via twitter.



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