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To the group of explorers who participated in the recent Heart's Path Discovery Sessions, living their hearts' true path means living with integrity, intention and authenticity. It involves a wholeness of mind, body and soul and involves permission for self-care.

During our first meeting of the Heart's Path Discovery Sessions, we also talked about the following benefits of living our hearts' true path:

  • having more energy and more love to spreadBenefits of Living your Heart's Path www.LearnExploreShare.com
  • experiencing personal growth
  • enjoying a healthy mind, body and soul
  • recognizing enoughness
  • realizing improved relationships
  • giving back
  • experiencing a rewarding life

What does living your heart's true path mean to you? What benefits would you add to this list?Share your thoughts in a comment here, at our community Facebook page or via twitter.


You're Invited to Participate in the
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Heart’s Path Discovery Sessions 

If you are ready to discover your heart's truth and begin the summer living your true path, register now for the Heart's Path Discovery Sessions that begin June 10 in the Minneapolis area. (Click here if you're interested in a future in-person or online session.)

This class ... really helped me to identify what direction I should take in my life. I now know how to choose activities in my life that will make me happy! Thank you, Heather!

—Mindy, Heart's Path Explorer