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While gratitude can help you discover your heart's true path (see Learn: Two Tactics for Discovering Your Heart's True Path), I like to think of gratitude as a "bonus" of practicing mindfulness, the act of consciously paying attention. During the recent Heart's Path Discovery Sessions, we talked about the vital role of mindfulness in recognizing gratitude; we agreed that noticing and recording gratitude yields positivity.

The stunning 10-minute TEDx video below illustrates the rewards of mindfulness, including beauty, connectedness and gratitude.  


Toward the end of the video-within-the-video, Brother David Steindl-Rast asserts: "It's not just another day, it's the one day that is given to you today. It's given to you. It's a gift. It's the only gift that you have right now, and the only appropriate response is gratefulness."

Steindl-Rast suggests that a grateful response begins when you open your eyes and pay attention. Then open your heart, he advises. "Let the gratefulness overflow into blessing all around you. And then it will really be a good day."

Will you respond to your gift of today with gratefulness? How will you open your heart and honor your family, your friends, your community with overflowing gratitude? Share your thoughts in a comment here, at our community Facebook page or via twitter.


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