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Meet Heart's Path Explorer Lynn Fisher

Reading about another person who follows her heart's true path can be inspiring, encouraging and informational. Meet freelance writer and journal keeper Lynn Fisher. Images courtesy Lynn Fisher.

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What activities make your heart happy and your life full of meaning and purpose?

Connections and their creation, that's what makes my life full of meaning and purpose. Whether that is through writing a story about someone that inspires people, or making a collage that, on the face of it seems simplistic, but helps move me out of stagnation in my writing or just helps me get out of my own creative way. Also, doing things for and with my elderly parents and staying in touch with my dear friends. It's all about connection.


How did you discover your heart's true path? How do you continue to discern what is true to your heart?

I discovered my heart's true path as a writer years ago in high school, when it became known to me that having a conversation with someone, highlighting the good parts, putting it down in a sort of order, set me on a path. The fact that I could be paid for it was a bonus. I was so secure in the notion that I could write, that I felt I should major in something else besides writing in college as a sort of balance. That other interest was Design. As it turned out, I now have an injury that kept me from pursuing a career in design so I became a freelance writer, and relegate my love of art to my journals…sometimes opting instead for photography.


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How did you discover your heart's true path? How do you continue to discern what is true to your heart?

I continue to discern what is true to my heart by continuing to create. I am always writing, using collage, or art journaling. I try to remember to step outside my normal activities and create whenever I can. 


What rituals do you practice that help you listen to and honor your heart?

There is no ritual like the work itself, but I do get up early enough that I can spend a little time writing, usually on pages in my journal I’ve prepared throughout the week…or on blank pages. When I don’t journal I feel as though something is missing in my life...I suppose what is missing is me. 

journal page by heart's path explorer lynn-fisher.com interviewed at www.LearnExploreShare.com
Think about a time when you got off track. What did you do that helped you return to your heart's true path?

Everyone gets off-track, myself included. I had wanted to begin a book…fiction, and let’s just say that dream was a while ago. Dreams swim along in the wake of Life, and sometimes life pulls them under. I’ve learned that the best way to obtain goals is by the handful.

Are there tools (e.g., vision boards, to-do lists, mind maps) that help you stay on track?

I use Vision Boards (sometimes called Treasure Maps) once or twice a year, to keep me on track, fill in what is missing, make a new discovery, and make the part of me that is in charge all the time…sit back and relax.


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Tell us about your heart's community: Who are your supporters? How have you found people who believe in you, accept you and cheer you on through your journey?

I have many lovely friends and family members that have been so supportive. Many years ago I answered an ad in an Art Center Newsletter, asking for group involvement in going through The Artist's Way book by Julia Cameron. At first we were a room full, and over time we have whittled down to four wonderful, creative friends, who still meet to talk about creative challenges and breakthroughs. 

Finding other like minds is a challenge. For a while I had a journal group that met once a month…I enjoyed it, but often it was only myself and one other person who were journaling. I became frustrated and eventually joined a larger group downtown. They were mostly sketchers…I can sketch but not that often…and I love writing and need to make time for that, so that’s not entirely a good fit either. At the moment I am enjoying the immediacy of a limited number of friends on Flickr and Instagram…fun sharing visual pages or photos, but I don’t have to if I’m busy writing. Perfect.


What is a book, song, artist or quote that inspires you?

I love the work of and highly recommend Natalie Goldberg’s book Writing Down the Bones, and her newest work The True Secret of Writing. Natalie is both a painter and a writer and has never felt the need to describe herself as one or the other. I like that in a person.

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