Explore: What Is my Role in Becoming Me?
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Learn: Becoming Truly Me & Claiming It

"How might you break free of your own limits?"

Just over a year ago, I posed this question to blog readers, challenging them to stop stalling and get creative.

Everything I've written about creativity applies to life in general: Stop stalling and start living your heart’s true path.

No one holds us back the way we limit ourselves. In Creative Is a Verb, the book I referenced in last week's post (Explore: What Is my Role in Becoming Me?), Patti Digh asks readers to consider the stories we tell ourselves: "I'm too shy. " " I'm not talented (enough). " "I don't know how to ____ (perfectly). "

The truth is:
How do I really know unless I try? Unless I practice?

When one of my kids gives me that type of not-enough story, I don't accept her story because I know she is capable of more than she realizes—that she is more talented, more creative, smarter, stronger, faster, funnier than she knows.

When we leave our nests, we insulate ourselves from that vulnerability so that we don't allow anyone to encourage us—we don't invite or welcome the messages that we are more capable, more talented, smarter, stronger, faster or funnier than we think we are. We fence ourselves in and tell ourselves that we will go this far and no further. We don't check in often—if at all—with our friends and family who know we can be better, who know we have the potential to be awesome.

In her recent blog post, photographer and life coach Andrea Scher writes about being ready to begin telling herself a new story, "One that’s still true but makes me feel empowered + hopeful."

Own your Story - mixed media by Heather Koshiol www.LearnExploreShare.com
What is your truth? What are your hopes? Are you ready to start breaking free of your own limits and living your truth? To start living your heart’s true path?

I am.

That doesn't mean I'm not afraid. It doesn't mean I'm not in resistance. It just means I’m ready to become truly me and to claim my ME-ness.

I'm stepping nervously yet boldly into my new role as teacher. I am listening to my heart, and my heart is telling me that this is my path. This is the path that's leading me to become truly me.

Are you listening to your heart? What is your heart telling you? Are you ready to act on your heart's wisdom and claim your YOU-ness? Share your story—how your story is changing—in a comment here, at our community Facebook page or via twitter.


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