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Learn: Use the Five Guideposts to Create Clearings

It occurred to me recently that the guideposts for discovering and living your heart's true path (see Learn: The Five Guideposts) can be applied to the specific need for creating clearings.

Clearings in physical space; clearings in schedules; physical rest; and mental space are all important to overall well-being. In each of these areas, clearings allow for restoration as well as new growth.

Use the Guideposts to Create Clearings

Practice mindfulness. Pay attention to where you are experiencing clutter: in your physical space, your schedule, your level of activity, your mind. Be still and notice the clutter, notice where you need to create a clearing. 

Listen & record. Write down what you notice. Write down your heart's messages about clutter and space. Make a list of clutter "hot spots." Journal about what's not working and what you want to change.

Study. Consider the "whys" behind your hot spots and the patterns that cause the clutter, whether it's physical, temporal or mental clutter. Sketch out your ideal solutions and think about obstacles that might prevent you from keeping the new clearing clear.

Map. Outline the changes you're committed to making. Create a vision board (see Learn: Create a Visual Map) using images that represent your ideal clearings. Develop reminders (inspirational quotes, photos or routines, for example) to help you maintain your new clearings for the purposes you intend.

 Learn: Use the Five Guideposts to Create Clearings

My summer solstice vision board reflects the simplicity of clearings I'm working to incorporate into my life's schedule and living spaces.

Connect. Tell a trusted friend about your committment to your new clearings. Your friend can help keep you accountable simply by asking how your clearings are! If your clearing is in a shared space, make sure your partner is on board with your committment.  


Honoring your heart's requests for space can bring much needed rest and breathing room along with new opportunities, fresh perspectives and rejuvenation. Where is your heart asking for you to create clearings in your life? You're invited to share your challenges and stories in the comments here, via twitter or at our community Facebook page.