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Explore: Word-of-the-Year Mid-Year Review http://www.LearnExploreShare.com
As I shared in the post "Explore: A-Word-of-the-Year," this is my Vision Board for "Abundance," my Word for 2013.

With the year half spent, I'm reviewing my progress for Abundance, my 2013 Word-of-the-Year. (See Explore: A Word-of-the-Year.) This year, I'm exploring and evaluating through mapping tools I use to keep on my heart's true path.

Below is a sketch of what I call a "Heart Wheel," which is based on a "wheel of life" I learned about on a coaching web site. For the purpose of reviewing my experience of Abundance this year so far, I sketched a target-type circle and divided it into five wedges, one for each theme represented in my Vision Board.

Heart Wheel "Explore: Word-of-the-Year Mid-Year Review" http://www.LearnExploreShare.com
Heart Wheel

Next I considered my level of satisfaction in each theme-area. The shading signifies my satisfaction level in each area.

Heart Wheel, "Explore: Word-of-the-Year Mid-Year Review" http://www.LearnExploreShare.com
satisfaction levels shaded on my Heart Wheel

In my journal I listed the actions I can take to increase my satisfaction level in each theme-area. Now I know what I can do to achieve my Abundance goals by year's end.

Lastly, to celebrate the abundance I've experienced through the first half of the year, I did what I call "back mapping." Under headings for each theme-area (health & well-being, travel, etc.), I listed all I've accomplished in 2013 so far.

If you have a Word-of-the-Year, have you taken time to evaluate your progress and celebrate your achievements? Share your experience in comments below, via twitter, or at our community Facebook page