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Share: A Reminder about Recentering

This week I'm continuing to do back-end work on the upcoming Heart's Path Discovery Sessions. Registration is now open for the September daytime sessions that will take place in Coon Rapids. (Find information here.) If you're a mom sending your kids back to school, the upcoming session offers you a great opportunity to invest in and reconnect with your essential self. I hope you join us!

Along with setting up the back-end registration and information pieces for fall sessions, I'm also painting both my daughters' bedrooms (bright colors for one and pastels for the other) and working on keeping myself on my heart's path. With so much going on these last days of summer, it's easy for me to put my own needs on the back burner.

When I realized I was beginning to wish the rest of summer away,
I knew it was time for me to recenter.
Maybe you've been feeling the same way. And maybe you could use a little nudge to do your own recentering. Here's an entry from last fall that might help you get back on your own path. Let me know in a comment below or via twitter or our community Facebook page how your journey is going.


Learn: Recentering

Just as it has taken practice for me to discern my heart's true path, it continues to take practice for me to recognize when I am off track.

There have been times when I have felt overwhelmed, dejected or stuck in a rut for a few days (or several) before it clicks with me that I'm off track.

At these times, I ask myself:

  • Am I listening to my heart? Have I been practicing meditation? Have I been journaling?
  • Am I making use of heart maps? Have I been intentional in spending my time?
  • Am I honoring my heart's ventures? Have I been including activities I love in my day-to-day life?

When I'm off track, my answer to one or more of these questions (and, if I'm honest, usually all of them) is no.

This no, though, feels like a wave of relief: Oh, that's what's going on! This no acts like a flashlight shining on my path: My way forward suddenly becomes clear: I need to honor my heart and recenter on my heart.

I need to pay attention and listen to my heart.

I need to record my heart's desires and create a map that will guide me through my days.

I need to spend time with intention and do activities that bring my heart joy.  

Returning to heart-centered habits seems to bring my life back into a delicate balance. I feel a stronger sense of meaning and purpose. I feel more efficient and less overwhelmed. I feel like I'm moving forward rather than stalling out.

To avoid waiting until I am already off track to recenter, I can work on developing a habit to check in with myself more frequently. What's your experience? How do you recognize when it's time to recenter? Share your insights in a comment below, on our community Facebook page or via twitter.


Learn: Recentering was originally published in 2012.