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Learn: Reframe Failure

Take a moment today to consider a situation that feels like a failure or a setback. From that perspective, try to identify opportunities that could put you on the path to success.

—excerpted from The Chopra Center 21-Day Meditation Challenge: Creating Abundance

Indulge me and let me tell you about my recent morning annoyance.

The tire on my car was low, I was trying to use an air compressor in our garage to put more air in the tire, I was failing miserably (the guage was measuring decreased pressure rather than increased!), I was getting progressively frustrated and angry, and I was running late. Exasperated, I called my husband at work, who gave me the information I needed and directed me to the additional gadget that was required to link the compressor with the tire doodad (stem?). In mere minutes, the tire was back to full pressure and I was ready to be on my way. But instead of feeling victorious, I was steaming mad. What Joel could have accomplished in five minutes had taken me at least 20!

Taking some deep breaths and cranking up the radio, I caught a glimpse of a silver lining in my situation:

I will never forget how to use the air compressor to fill my car tire with air.

Learn: Reframe Failure

The way I experienced this low tire has ingrained in my memory the necessary steps for completing the task unassisted next time. (Twist the dealy on the bottom of the compressor tank to just the right spot, flip the switch, add the gadget to the nozzle, go.) If Joel had been there in the garage and walked me through what to do, I'm 99% sure I would not remember—not even these short hours after the fact—what to do.

Now: I'm not claiming to have released my anger and frustration immediately after my realization, but in gradually accepting the truth of the silver lining, I have come truly to appreciate the situation as a whole. Coming across the text excerpted above challenges me to continue recognizing opportunities and silver linings amidst "failures" and setbacks. Are you with me?

Can you think of a time when an apparent frustration or failure or setback transformed into an opportunity or took a positive tack? Share your experience in a comment below, via twitter or on our community Facebook page.


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