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transitions www.LearnExploreShare.comTransitioning to a new season often means different routines, additional commitments and loaded schedules. Noticing my breath can help me slow down anytime I'm feeling harried or experiencing stress. (I know I'm not the only one who often holds my breath or takes shallow breaths during those times.) During times of transition, making a point to notice my breath can help me recognize and acknowledge changes.


Over the recent U.S. Labor Day holiday, my family and I kicked back in Northern Minnesota for a few days. One afternoon I captured my peaceful surroundings as I sat looking at the beautiful scenery and listening to the wind make different sounds in different types of trees. Watching this video at home can help me let go of my body's tension and focus more clearly on the now. I hope you can experience a similar letting go as you enjoy this 3-minute iPhone recording.


What do you notice during this seasonal transition from summer to autumn—physically, emotionally, mentally? In what aspect of your life would a letting-go serve you? You're invited to share your thoughts in a comment below, in our community Facebook page or via twitter.


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