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Learn: Community Is a Two-Way Street

Of the five guideposts that have helped me discover and live my heart's true path, there's one I'm still learning about the most: community.

When I first developed the guideposts, connecting with my heart's true community was all about me: finding people to support me, surrounding myself with people who understood me, having conversations that encouraged and inspired me.

all about me

The longer I walk on my heart's true path, the more clarity I gain. I've come to realize that connecting with my heart's true community has allowed me to "bloom and shine" (to borrow Becky's phrase) and to be the best me I can be right now.

And when I'm connecting and blooming and shining, I'm sharing and giving ... and receiving along the way. I can see that community is a two-way street, that receiving and giving are intertwined, that true connections and meaningful community offer deep enrichment for everyone who's invested.

Doesn't that create a richer picture of community? I think so.

Where do you experience meaningful community? How do you share your heart's truth in community? I'd love to hear your perspective in a comment here, via twitter or at our community Facebook page!


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