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Share: On Feeling Stuck in a Traffic Jam

This photo illustrates how I've been feeling the past week since our family adopted an {adorable!} eight-month miniature schnauzer/yorkie* doggie we have named Willow.

photo courtesy Nationaal Archief (Holland)

It's like I'm stuck in an interstate traffic jam while off to the side I can see the service road, my heart's true path, running parallel to the highway.

As a human prone to perfectionism, this past week I have tried to maintain my high expections for myself ... and have failed. I have pushed my sleep needs beyond my limits. I have blown minor issues way out of proportion. It took a few days for Willow to get used to her new home (and to find her new bathroom ... ahem). It's taking me several days to get used to waking up earlier to help care for Willow. After almost a week together, Willow is hitting her stride before I am.

Feeling overwhelmed, exhausted and stressed, I reached my meltdown point the other night. (It wasn't pretty.)

Yesterday I recognized that I can do something "radical": I can give myself a break.

Willow, the cute cause of my life's current traffic jam. www.LearnExploreShare.com
*Willow's paperwork describes her as a schnauzer/yorkie, but someone at her vet's office thinks she may be part cairn terrier rather than yorkshire.

Rather than publishing the not-quite-ready heart's path explorer interview today, I'm winging it with this post. (My guess is that you didn't even know that interviews are published on the third Thursday of each month.)

When the traffic and timing yield, I'll work my way toward the next exit. In the meantime, I will try to chill in the midst of the present traffic jam.

How do you handle "traffic jams" in your life? You're invited to share your experiences in a comment below, in our community Facebook page or via twitter.


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