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The "service engine" light shining brightly on the dash, I steered our truck to the neighborhood repair shop earlier this week. The following day came the diagnosis: significant engine repair. (Read: Expensive!)

Joel and I discussed our options (we still don't have a solid plan) before I turned to Instagram for an escape from the truck issue ... and to consider my #abundance365 entry for the day. (Read about my project in the blog post Explore: A Daily Image Project.)

Where have I experienced abundance today? I asked myself deeply.

Once I let go of the frustration I was feeling over our broken down truck, the answer to my question was clear in my heart.

My abundance, I wrote in my Gratitude365 app, lies in/on my Heart's True Path: in connecting, creating, exploring, learning and moving. In other words, abundance in my life does not come from things I have, it comes from what I do in my life.

Abundance comes from living my heart's true path.



Where have you experienced abundance this week? I'd love to hear your experiences in a comment below, in our community Facebook page or via twitter!


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