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Learn: Practice Gratitude

Most of us have, from time-to-time, realized we've been taking someone or something for granted. When we recognize the error of our ways, we often promise ourselves that we won't slide into that habit again. (And yet we often do.)

Many of us get snagged in society's web of comparison and consumerism without thinking about it or without meaning to.

We want to break these patterns but our intentions often don't lead to changes in behavior.

Here's a solution.

On Saturday, November 2, join a small, supportive Minneapolis-area group of heart explorers in discovering how practicing gratitude can help us follow through with our intentions to appreciate our blessings.

In a two-hour mini-session, we'll talk about:

  • gratitude mini-session LearnExploreShare.comwhat it means to practice gratitude
  • the benefits you can experience through a gratitude practice
  • how to begin

In the mini-session, we'll also work with our hands to create a  gratitude-related project that will get you started right out of the gate!

You can read more about the mini-session here on
the course description page
. If you're ready to register, click the image at right or the button below.
I look forward to your participation!


 Saturday, November 2 (10:30 am until 12:30 pm)
The Crossings at Brookwood (Craft Room)
6125 North Lilac Drive, Brooklyn Center

Space is limited!
Click the button below to register ($30).

gratitude mini-session LearnExploreShare.com

Space is still available in the November
Heart’s Path Discovery Sessions

If you’re seeking your heart’s true path, join me for a 3-week in-person Heart's Path Discovery Session this fall in the Minneapolis area. Heart’s Path Discovery Sessions offer a set of guideposts for discovering and living your heart's true path, a strategy for finding what activities you love and then living with intention and with a greater sense of meaning.