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Back in July I published Explore: Word-of-the-Year Mid-Year Review, a post that discussed a few mapping tools that helped me evaluate my progress toward Abundance (my word-of-the-year) and keep me on my heart's true path.

Part of my practice this year has been a project I call #abundance365. If you follow me on Instagram or Flickr, you've seen the daily images through which I've been recognizing and documenting the abundance I'm experiencing day-to-day.


Gratitude_Jar 114/365 #abundance365
114/365 #abundance365

Now that I'm well into the year and the project (today is 276/365), I've been wondering about the repetition of my images. Browsing through the pictures I've posted, common themes include nature, learning, fitness and health, family and self-care like art and rest.


These prevalent themes of abundance don't at all surprise me. They mirror my five heart ventures: exploring (nature), learning, moving (fitness), connecting (family) and creating (art).

Still looking to discover your heart's true path? Try practicing a daily photo project on the topic of abundance or gratitude.

Choose one image each day to represent the greatest abundance or gratitude you experience and appreciate that day. If you post your image to Instagram or Flickr, use a personal hashtag (Instagram) or create a "set" (Flickr) for an easy way to sort and view your image collection. Patterns will likely become apparent within a couple months. What will your image project reveal about your heart?

Share your experience in comments below, via twitter, or at our community Facebook page.


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