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What ELSE (Explore Learn Share Etc.)

Surprisingly, my last "What ELSE" post was almost two years ago! To be honest, I had a few other ideas for today's post but didn't feel that I could do justice to those topics at the moment ... so I'm resurrecting this old "What ELSE" feature.

Exploring: Over the past week or so, I've been exploring opportunities, especially for January 2014, including:

When I've finalized schedules, I'll announce details.

Learning: For Guidepost #5: Community, my goal is to better understand the full role of community. This week I picked up The Seven Paths, a book that discusses the importance of "We" over "Me." The book's back cover explains that "it is in communion with our fellow beings and the natural world that we are made whole."

Sharing: This video demonstration exemplifies the limitlessness of possibility!


(Etc.): Each November, I enjoy seeing online images and text entries focusing on gratitude. At home this year, my family has been creating a gratitude chain, writing what we're thankful for on a strip of paper and adding it as a loop to an ever-lengthening string of gratitude. This visual and interactive practice fills my heart with a sense of abundance.


Have you been actively marking your thankfuls during this month of gratitude? If so, how? What activities have you been doing to live your heart's true path? You're invited to share your current story in a comment below, in our community Facebook page or via twitter!