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Meet Trisha Harner, who describes herself as "a creative juju instigator + champion of women’s heart’s desires [who teaches] a mind blowin', heart pumpin', DNA changin' method of Visioning® that empowers them to step into whatever experience they discover it may be at this point in their life."

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Via email, I asked Trisha a few questions about the power of vision boards. You'll love reading what she has to say!

How do you describe Visioning to those who aren't familiar with the concept?  
The methodology teaches one to consciously create, using subtle whole-brain integration that helps re-pattern the nervous system. By becoming emotionally aware and shifting our internal energy to unblock ourselves, we can use Visioning® to tap into what we know our hearts to be true, as we become empowered to create that which we fundamentally desire. We use a vision board as a visual affirmation. This isn't just about grabbing pretty pictures of 'things' we think we want and pasting them on poster board. Instead, it's about bridging the gap between your left brain and your right brain: your logical thoughts and your intuitive, nonverbal insights, of what your heart desires to experience next in life. I liken it to dreaming on paper: In the same way you decipher the meaning behind your dreams, you’ll interpret the images you bring together during your vision board creation phase.

example of a YOU board (by Kim courtesy of Trisha Harner) www.LearnExploreShare.com

What led you to incorporating Visioning into your life?  
I've been visioning all my life. But I got stuck at a certain point. I felt great about all I had created in life, but started to feel like "Is this it?" I couldn't figure out why I felt like there should be more. I started to freak a bit. Anxiety and frustration started to manifest as physical and emotional complications in my life. I no longer felt satisfied in my job and I couldn't figure how to create the more my heart kept whispering to me about. Fear of exploring and the uncertainty of what more was held me back until a few key events happened in my life. One was my mother-in-law passing away for no known cause, except for her own giving up on life. I say her heart light when out. Then my own physical break down. My neck literally cracked one day at work, and I took that as my final wake up call. As my necked started to heal, I was determined that the pain, emotional and physical, wouldn't become chronic – and I began reconnecting with my inner creative genius. But it was only after I decided to leave my career that big shifts started to happen. My path led me to learn a methodology with Creative Journal Expressive Arts and Visioning® certification training. It was from there that I began to experience healing in all areas of my life.  

What benefits have you and your clients experienced through Visioning?  
I’ve healed my own chronic health issues, recharged my marriage without sacrificing me; created my life’s work; and now witness the same outcome for those women I work with whom I share this same methodology. What benefits my clients have experienced? They have left corporate jobs that no longer served them. Found or created new life’s work that they thrive in. Are experiencing true loving relationships. Become aware of and overcome addictions. Most importantly they have embraced that they are enough, as is, and learned how to become brave enough to create their own happily ever afters!

How do you suggest people begin the process of Visioning?
First begin keeping a gratitude journal. It's important to write down 5 things you're grateful for every day. You can't create anything if you're not coming from a space of feeling grateful for what you have already. Second, start to ask your heart every day what it desires to experience any time you have to make a choice. Just feel for the answer, and act on it as much as possible. Third, take quiet time for you. I call them "selfie- dates" and "do-nothing time." You have to be able to get quiet and listen from within in order create life according to what the heart desires. I also offer a free audio vision board workshop available on my website. I personally guide you through creating a vision board with Step 1-6 of the Visioning® method.    

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What role does community play in Visioning?
Goodness, it is huge. You have to form a "dream team" for support in whatever it is you desire to create. Each resource or person has a role to play and by you knowing exactly what it is they can do for your heart's desire, the better off the world is.  

You see, I truly believe that — if you’re fully aligned with your heart's desire — everything else will fall into place. And the joy, gratitude, fulfillment, energy, love, hope, inner peace, and happiness that you feel will spread to everybody around you. It's how women are going to change the planet.

My overriding mission? To have one million women join The Heart's Desire Movement and create the change our world desperately needs.

Visioning(r) workshop www.TrishaHarner.com interviewed on www.LearnExploreShare.com

What is a book, song, artist or quote that inspires you? 
The song "I Was Here" by Beyoncé. It gets to me every time. I even have made my daughters listen to it for inspiration. By following our heart, we leave our footprint behind. Visioning changes our DNA, making it better for future generations. What could be better than this?


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