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During this unplanned hiatus from the blog, you've probably been as busy as I have been: preparing for holiday gatherings, working, planning, living life.

As another year draws to a close, many of us are looking both ways: reflecting on our past years' experiences and thinking ahead to what we'd like to invite into our lives in the coming year.

Like me, you might find it helpful to have some guidance through the reflection process. Reverb, a project started by writer Gwen Bell that has rippled through the blogosphere over the years, offers daily prompts throughout the month of December. You don't need to be a blogger to participate. You can write your reflections in a journal, snap photos and post them on Instagram or Flickr, work through an art journal or tweet your thoughts. Prompts are available all over the web, including here and here.

Photographer and writer Susannah Conway offers a free printable workbook called Unravelling the Year Ahead. Though Susannah has based Unravelling on working with a Word of the Year, you can complete the reflections and consider your coming year without a word.

For the last couple years, I have created vision boards either to discover or to illustrate my Word. For 2014, I will do the same and invite you Minnesotans to join me in January for Vision Mapping the New Year: A Workshop. You have two opportunities to gather for a fun cutting-and-pasting session: Friday evening, January 3, or Monday evening, January 6. Click here or the image below to register, or follow this link for more details!


Throughout the month, you are welcome to share your reverbing or unravelling reflections in a comment here on the blog or in our Facebook community. You can also join the fun on Instagram and Twitter. Cheers to looking both ways this season!