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In a Facebook group where I linked to last week's post (Share: Listening through Writing), Naomi posed the question: "What does clarity sound like?"

Good question.

"[C]larity, to me," I offered in reply, "sounds like absolute certainty and also has a physical feeling."

Exploring "the sound of clarity" in my journal, I noticed that the feeling of clarity speaks more loudly than its "sound" through written words.



What Is Clarity? offers this definition of clarity: "clearness as to perception or understanding; freedom from indistinctness or ambiguity."

To me, clarity is a sense that overgrowth has been cleared away. Or that a fuzzy view has come sharply into focus. Or that a path has become instantly illuminated (sort of like in the first six seconds of this clip from the movie The Incredibles).

At a seminar I attended this week, Life Coach Cynthia Shepherd talked about clarity as a syncing of one's mind and heart, like the tumblers on a vault clicking into place. Shepherd's colleague Molly Friedenfeld labeled clarity "pure truth."


Exploring Certainty

At the same seminar, certainty was discussed in more depth than clarity. Here's how Cynthia Shepherd describes certainty: Nervousness feels like quaking, indecisiveness feels like wobbling, and certainty feels like solid and consistent knowing. That's not to say, I'll add, that there can't be a fluttering nervousness along with certainty.

To be certain, describes, is to be "free from doubt or reservation; confident; sure" or to be "established as true or sure; unquestionable, indesputable."


Pulling it all Together

When I experience clarity, I see "absolute certainty." I see answers that feel unquestionably true for my heart. I feel my heart's indesputable truth. I am in touch with my Essential Self.


What do you think? What do clarity or certainty feel like or sound like to you? Share your experiences in a comment below, in our community Facebook page or via twitter.



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