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2014VisionMap LearnExploreShare.comHave you created a Vision Map yet for this year? (It's never too late, so don't feel like you've missed your opportunity! You'll find a basic how-to at Learn: Create a Visual Map.)

Today's post describes one way to make your Vision Map work for you through the year.


First Identify your Map's Themes

Take a look at your Map and see what themes present themselves through your images. My 2014 Vision Map features three main zones: business, self-care and family.

VisionMap themes LearnExploreShare.com


Next, Mind-Map your Vision Map

Create a mind map centered on your Word of the Year or simply on the current year. Branch off the center using each of your Vision Map themes.

VisionMap/mindmap LearnExploreShare.com

Then begin brainstorming the ways you can realize your Vision in each theme area. (You can continue branching off your theme hubs in traditional mind-mapping style; I like to make lists connected to each hub.)

VisionMap/mind-map LearnExploreShare.com


Finally, Take Action!

The mind map gives you a list of action items to work on throughout the year. When you feel stuck or feel like you're not making progress in a particular Vision Map theme area, you can turn to your mind map for guidance.


If you're like me, any sort of map can make nice art and can be fun to gaze at. (You might notice my affinity for maps if you follow me on Pinterest.) The personal value of any map increases tremendously when the map is put to use. Using a mind map in tandem with a Vision Map helps outline the destinations you might like to visit—or even to inhabit—in the coming year. This method is another way to connect your deeply personal inner vision with words and actions that can help translate your vision into reality.

What themes have emerged through your Vision Mapping? What tactics do you use to move forward through the goals and intentions you've envisioned for the coming months? Leave a comment here or on our community Facebook page, or connect with me via twitter. I'd love to hear your experience in working with Vision Maps beyond creating them!


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