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Welcome to a brand new year full of possibility! 2014VisionBoard

Above is a photo of my Vision Map—or vision board—for the year, a collage depicting how I intend to live my heart's true path in 2014. This particular map is, in part, my interpretation of a guided visualization I experienced at a workshop hosted last month by life coach Amy Egenberger of Spirit Out! and Shiela Burns of Bliss Yoga.

Hanging on my studio/office wall and featured as the wallpaper on my phone, my vision map serves as a constant reminder of what's important for me in the coming year. For 2014 what's important for me includes:

  • nurturing my figurative garden;
  • focusing on self-care: listening to my heart, letting go, de-stressing; and
  • welcoming possibility.

My Vision Map Includes Words

Along with creating my Vision Map, working through the journaling exercises in Susannah Conway's printable Unravelling the Year Ahead led to my 2014 Word-of-the-Year: Open. As I described in Explore: A Word-of-the-Year, I learned from Karen Walrond to include on my Map a meaningful quote or two using my Word. While adding quotes is still on my Vision Map to-do list, you'll notice a few words and phrases on my map, including:

  • "Your Journey Starts Here," which reminds me that starting is the key to all meaningful activity;
  • "Dare to Live Greatly," which challenges me to follow my heart, no matter what (and also encourages me to read Brené's book!);
  • "Welcome Possibilities," which signals the attitude I want to adopt when meeting life's inevitable changes and challenges.


Images Carry Meaning

Because I often choose images intuitively, sometimes their meanings start out as unknown or unclear. In my 2014 Map, just above the phrase "Welcome Possibilities," there's a picture of the Weisman Art Museum. I'm not sure yet why it's there, but my heart knew it was supposed to be included in my Vision Map. Other images hold clear messages for me:

  • the shell tells me to be still and listen to my heart;
  • the ocean images allow me to return to my calming memories of the sea in my mind and spirit;
  • the garden images remind me that what starts as a small seed grows when nurtured and nourished with care.


Heart a-Leaping

Seeing my Vision Map on my phone or my wall makes my heart flutter: for the year's possibility; for the beauty of the collage (that feels both connected and disconnected from my creating it); for the words' and images' messages for me.

And my heart is not alone: My friend Leslie wrote on her blog that she feels "ridiculously happy" looking at her Mood Board. (You might remember Leslie from my interview of her: Share: Another Word-of-the-Year Perspective.)

Feeling Inspired?

You can find basic instructions on creating your own Vision Map in my post Learn: Create a Visual Map and elsewhere on the Internet. You might also take a look at the book Visioning: Ten Steps to Designing the Life of Your Dreams (updated: link added). And if you live in the Twin Cities area, you can still register for Vision Mapping the New Year: A Workshop where I'll guide you in creating your own personal Map for the year!

If you've already created a Vision Map (or vision board or mood board), share it with us! Tag me (LearnExploreShr) on Twitter, upload an image of your Map at our community Facebook page or include a link to your Map in a comment below. Happy New Year and happy Visioning!


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