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Learn: What Makes a True Community

The idea of Community had been tumbling around my mind, so I was keyed into the bigger picture during Jeremy Abbott's Olympic performance last week, which I shared on the Facebook community page.

Qualities of a True Community

In his book Community: The Structure of Belonging, Peter Block puts forth that authentic community depends on the presence of these three attributes:

  • a focus on possibility (rather than problems);
  • a focus on gifts (rather than deficiencies); and
  • a sense of abundance (rather than lack).

Respectfully, I add a fourth quality:

  • a spirit of co-creation—of working together to develop the community's purpose and culture and actions.

What do you think?

Where do you experience true community? What group of people nurtures possibility, individual gifts, abundance and co-creation? You're invited to share your experiences of connecting with your heart's true community at our community Facebook page, in a comment here at the blog or by tagging me on twitter.


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