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A few weeks ago while experiencing an exhibit called Sacred at the Minneapolis Institute of Arts, I encountered what I later learned is metta meditation, also known as loving-kindness meditation.

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One of the exhibition's galleries was a dimly lit space scattered with cushion-topped blocks above each of which a speaker dangled. Perched cross-legged on a cushion, I allowed myself to sink into the calm words coming through the speaker:

May you be held in compassion.

May you be free from pain and sorrow.

May you be protected from internal and external harm.

May all difficulties cease.

May you be in peace.

The deep peace I felt in that space was awesome, and I have continued to explore loving-kindness meditation at home. This is a short (less than 15-minute) guided meditation I've used a few times. Throughout this longer guided meditation (just under 30 minutes), Sharon Salzberg offers tips for personalizing the meditation and a thoughtful explanation of the purposes and meanings of loving-kindness.

If you have experienced loving-kindness meditation, I'd like to hear your thoughts and feelings. Outside of meditation, how do you practice loving-kindness? You're invited to comment here, via twitter or at our community Facebook page.


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