Learn: Journaling through Art
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Learn: Art Journaling as Listening

This past Saturday, Learn + Explore + Share presented an art journaling workshop led by expressive arts coach Briana Goetzen of Orange Spiral Arts

As I described in my previous post, Learn: Journaling through Art, art journaling offers benefits similar to journal writing. Now, after participating in Saturday's workshop, I have a broader and deeper understanding of and appreciation for the practice of art journaling.

The Process of Art Journaling

On the surface, art journaling focuses on visually appealing pages. On a deeper level, however, art journaling can serve as a tool for listening to our hearts.

A valuable lesson I learned from Briana is that art journaling can be more of a process than an activity, a practice (similar to meditation or yoga) rather than a finite skill to be mastered. The most important lesson I learned is that I already know what I need to know ... that I can trust my heart to lead me and that there are no mistakes in art journaling.

Art journaling allows us to practice creativity and listening through a process that is:

  • free from "rules," including those relating to color or art composition
  • free from personal "shoulds" and expectations
  • free from judgement, by our inner critics and others
  • intuitive
  • about playing and experimenting
  • about giving ourselves permission to let the process unfold.

LearnExploreShare.com - trust - art journal detail
When I allow myself to create with a sense of exploration and experimentation, I let go of my "ought self" (as author Dan Allender decribes the self we think others expect us to be) and burrow into my essence. 

Through this enriching process, I can reach into my heart and allow thoughts, feelings and ideas to come through onto the page.

There's More!

Next week I'll share some tips and techniques I learned from Briana plus some rich information from a couple resources I picked up from the library following the workshop. If you're an art journaler, what insights would you add to the list above? If you've been wanting to try art journaling, what are you waiting for? As always, your comments are welcome here on the blog, via twitter or at our community Facebook page


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