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Years from now, I imagine my daughters (now 11 and 14) explaining to their own children, "Like my mom always said: 'It's all about choices.'"

That's my common refrain to my girls when they express disbelief (or, more accurately, disapproval) in how a friend has handled a situation at school. Or when they're in anguish over wanting to be in two places at once. Or when they're trying to decide whether to buy Y or Z with the money they've been saving for months. Or when they verbally blame someone else for "making" them feel mad/sad/frutstrated. 

Life: It's all about choices | www.LearnExploreShare.comIt's all about choices.

How will I spend my energy?

How will I spend my time?

How will I spend my money?

How will I spend my life?

Do I want to spend my life going against the grain of my own truth because my truth doesn't fit the mold of what society expects of me? Do I want to spend my life surrounded by people who empty my soul or those who fill me up? Do I want to spend my life trying to "keep up with the Joneses"?

Now. I'm not claiming that it's easy to make these choices that emerge around every turn in life. What I can say, though, is that when I tune into my heart, I find clues to landing on the choice that's "right" for me in that situation at that time. 

Also, I'm not claiming that everything is a matter of choosing to do or not-to-do. We all have responsibilities and obligations and flat-out must-dos. Whether I like it or not, for example, I am responsibile for paying taxes and bills, for cooking for my family and for a long list of must-dos.

Life Coach Martha Beck offers a useful approach to those must-dos in her November 2013
O Magazine article (for which I searched online but could not find). She calls it the Three Bs:

  • bag the responsibility (or delay it until your heart is aligned with the activity);
  • barter it (can your partner do it? can you hire someone to do it?); or 
  • better it by making a change to how you do the task.

How we approach tasks and activities is how we fill our days—how we spend our energy, our time, our money, and how we live our lives. And it comes down to choices. How do you choose to live your life? Are you happy with how you're choosing to spend your limited energy, time and money? I invite you to chew on that question this weekend along with the chocolate eggs and jelly beans that might be part of your life in the next few days. And let me know how it tastes ... comment here on the blog, on Facebook at our community page, or connect with me via twitter.