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Learn: Digging Deeper into Fear

Learn: Understand Fear

Over the past week, I've been appreciating and pondering these words from the recent Heart's Path Explorer Interview:

One thing that I think is important is to try and discern the difference between fear and your heart.

Scott Miller 

We'll get to discernment in a future post. First of all, let's take a closer look at fear itself.

What Is Fear?

Fear is a natural and necessary response that helps protect us from physical and emotional danger. This dictionary entry refers to fear as a "distressing emotion" and points out that fear can arise from threats that are either real or imaginary. 

Recognizing Fear

In this video clip, Oprah and Brené Brown unveil what is probably just the tip of the iceberg when they talk about fear manifesting as anxiety, jealousy, greed, addiction or rage. 

Non-life-threatening fear can sound like your own inner voice saying:

  • I can't ...
  • I couldn't ...
  • I wouldn't ... 
  • I never ...
  • I don't/won't have enough money/love/friends/blog followers/_____.
  • I will fail/make mistakes/do it wrong.
  • I will miss having/experiencing ____.
  • I won't fit in/keep up/finish.

Fear Is.

Our brain likes to label and categorize pretty much everything, including emotions. Fear is "distressing" or "bad." Assurance is "positive" or "good."

Consider how it feels different to label fear (or any emotion for that matter) as "fear" rather than "good" or "bad."  Let's label fear as "fear" and see what changes.

Let's label FEAR as fear. Are you in?

Are you in? Keep in touch here on the blog, on Facebook at our community page, or connect with me via twitter. I'll be back next week with more on the topic of fear.  

*** Update: The conversation continues with the next post, Learn: Digging Deeper into Fear. Be sure to keep reading! ***