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Today marks the final day of the school year for my daughters, so summer at our house begins this afternoon! The coming days will involve sleeping in, swimming pools and ice cream. My kids and I usually float through summer and reach fall with some regrets: We were going to go here, see this, do that, and now it's too late!

So this year I'm taking a creative approach to help us spend our carefree summer days with more intention.

Mind Mapping Summer

Wikipedia describes mind maps as visual diagrams to organize information. Mind-mapping takes list-making to another dimension, which is awesome for people like me who like to categorize or for people for whom graphics and visuals improve their grasp of a concept.

To mind-map summer, I started at the center and added our values around the center cloud.

mind map step 1

Since I am naturally a list-maker and since I often run out of space when I branch out from those first branches, I simply added a bullet list under each category. I used colorful pens just because I like colorful maps!

mind map

Heart Mapping Summer

What I call a Heart Map differs from a mind map only with its specific central theme and category labels. I center my Heart Maps on my Word-of-the-Year, and from there I branch out with my Heart Ventures, the activities I most love to do.  As you can see, for 2014, my Word is Open, and my Heart Ventures are connecting, creating, learning, exploring and moving.

heart map (mind map) step 1

Each bulleted list includes activities I can do to live "Open" throughout the summer.

heart map (mind map)


This Heart Map will spend the summer fixed to the fridge where we'll see it every day and can cross our intentions off the list as we experience them. Now that I'm seeing it here on my screen, I'm feeling an urge to create a Vision Map that will reflect my summer Heart Map (a reverse of what I described in Explore: Mind-Mapping your Vision Map) ... and maybe that's what I'll work on during the upcoming Vision Mapping Workshop! (Sounds like it's time for me to start collecting images!)

What are your intentions for this summer? How will you stay on track and avoid end-of-summer remorse? Share your ideas and plans in a comment below, in our community Facebook page or via twitter!


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