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For today's blog post, my first in weeks, I'm ditching the lists and outlines and drafts I scribbled in my journal and am just diving in.

Here's what I want you to know today.

My life has been far from balanced. For much of the past month, I've felt stressed and overwhelmed. To be honest, the heart activities I've done have not compensated for my sense of overwhelm. (As I'm typing this, I'm remembering a similar post from this time last year. I see now that this season of overwhelm is a pattern.)

Change is in the air. The season of overwhelm feels like it's at its close. I know I took on too much last month, and I have a better idea of my limits. I'm ready to welcome a new season, to step onto a new stretch of my path that's less overgrown and more restful.


My 2014 Vision Map has helped me navigate my rough path these past weeks. Not only do I get pleasure from looking at my Map full of images I love, but I also see in it reminders of what I've accomplished this year {so far}, and I find comforting hints at what's yet to come this fall. (Share: A Look at my 2014 Vision Map offers a "tour" of my current Map, pictured below.) 

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You're invited to create your own personal Vision Map to guide you through your days, help steer you through the brambles as well as the breezy sections of your path. In-person and online workshops are available! Find more information and registration links here.


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