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For me, practicing peace looks like ...

Practicing mindfulness. Noticing and soaking rather than reacting and spewing. Being quiet enough to hear my heart's wisdom.

Practicing self-care. Choosing healthy foods. Getting enough sleep. Going for walks and being active ... and carving out time to be still.

Honoring my heart's truth. Prioritizing the Heart Ventures I love most: connecting, creating, exploring, learning, moving.

Honoring others' truths. Recognizing that there are myriad ways to walk through this world and that while my way is right for me, each of us has her own path. 

When I practice peace and live my heart's true path, I feel more at peace. I interact more peacefully with my family and friends and community members ... who then carry peace into their other interactions.


We cannot give what we do not have. When I practice peace, my peace can be reflected in and carried through my communities and the world. When you practice peace, your peace can be reflected in and carried through your communities and the world.

What does peace look like for you? How do you cultivate peace in your life? Please share your thoughts below in a comment or over on our community Facebook page. You can also connect with me via twitter

P.S. You can practice peace during next week's in-person Vision Mapping Workshop, where you'll have opportunities to practice self-care, honor your heart's truth and visualize what peace looks like in your life. I hope you join us!