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Cleaning up in my studio over the summer, I discovered this collage from high school:
my first Vision Map.

vintage Vision Map |

While I don't remember the details about creating this, I'm sure it was an assignment for a sort of personal growth class in Home Economics. Since I'm facilitating Vision Mapping Workshops this month, I've been reflecting on this personal relic.

A couple things I wonder:

Why the tape? Did we not have glue sticks back then?

Might this have helped steer me through some rough patches back in my 20s and 30s?

Honestly, this map still represents a fairly accurate snapshot of who I am. I see four of my five Heart Ventures (the activities I love most): creating ("writing," "creative"), connecting ("the company of friends," "talking," "family"), exploring ("travel") and moving ("walking, hiking, climbing, riding").

vintage Vision Map | LearnExploreShare.comWhat resonates most with 2014-me are the authenticity snippets: "I just want to be me," "I try not to be something I'm not," and "I hate keeping up with trends."

In my workshops, I talk about how our Vision Maps can show us where we are, where we've been and where we want to go. Looking back at my vintage Vision Map, I can also see how far I've come. In my teens, my shyness was almost debilitating, and while I often still keep to myself, I do feel comfortable standing in a classroom and teaching what I know and love about Vision Maps and about following my heart.

With that, I'll just say that I'm offering one last Vision Mapping Workshop this fall, and there's still room for a few more participants. (It's happening Monday in Fridley, and you can click here to register.) I'm also working on an online version of the workshop; click here if you'd like to be notified when it's ready.

Do you have a vintage Vision Map? What does it tell you? What are other relics that help show you where you've been or how much you've grown? Share your photos and stories on our community Facebook page, leave a comment below or connect with me via twitter