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About a year ago I attended a seminar along with about 50 or 60 others. Once things got underway, the presenter asked each of us in the audience to close our eyes and turn inward to connect with our inner wisdom, our hearts.

No biggy. I'd been meditating for a couple years and settled easily into a centered inner connection. I felt calm and open-hearted and ready to learn more through the seminar.

After a few minutes, the presenter asked us to imagine our hearts connecting with one anothers' hearts and with the hearts of, really, everyone everywhere. 

Okay, I thought, I'm open to this. I'm curious. I'll give it a shot.

The moment I formed the intention to open my heart further and to tap into the greater web of the room's community and the greater community of the world, I felt slammed with pain and heartache.

While I continued to feel centered and calm, I was also very puzzled ...  until the presenter asked for comments from the audience.


When the first audience member mentioned that she was currently experiencing a horrible migraine headache, I thought, Hmm. That's painful. But probably coincidental. But commenter after commenter brought up physical pains and mental anguish and family troubles and societal woes. 

There was pain and heartache in each corner of that room. There is pain and heartache constantly in the news. There's a lot of pain and heartache in the world. And I'm certain all that was the pain and heartache I sensed when I fully opened my heart to connecting with the hearts around me.

Never before I had been more sure that we are all connected.

While there's definitely more to write about this topic, this is where I'm drawn to close today's post. In what situation have you felt a greater connection? What evidence do you notice that shows we're all connected? I'd love to read your reflections and experiences via a comment here on the blog, on Facebook at our community page or by way of twitter!