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This marks my sixth year choosing a Word-of-the-Year. Throughout each year, I use my Word as a sort of theme. While I hadn't previously connected my Word-of-the-Year use with practicing mindfulness, it has recently occurred to me that my Word has served well as a mindfulness anchor.

Mindfulness is simply paying attention: centering on what's happening, what feelings are arising and noticing reactions—ideally before choosing to react. (Click here for more about about the Season of Mindfulness. Click here for archived posts on the topic of mindfulness.)

When I practice mindfulness, one way I center myself is to use my breath as an anchor or a focal point. Paying attention to my breath can help me untangle my emotions from the situation and gain some valuable distance in order to react rationally. 

Similarly, I can use my Word as a focal point and ask myself how I can view the situation from a different point of view. In 2014, my Word was Open. I regularly found myself how I could remain Open in various situations. For 2015, I'm pretty sure my Word will be Trust. Both these Words allow me to consider how I can let go of any particular outcome, let go of worry and embrace a sense of calm.

Do you choose a Word- or Theme-of-the-Year? I love reading how other people use their Words as touchstones and themes and motivators. Share your Word in a comment below or at the community facebook page



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