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As writer and photographer Susannah Conway reminds me in her birthday blog post, I am more than a mind floating around; I inhabit my body. She writes, "My body is my truest companion. We’re in it together."

In the post Learn: What Does Your Body Say?, I describe how my body (and yours!) can provide clues and offer direction. That is one way I can inhabit my body with mindfulness.

Susannah's post offers another perspective on mindfully inhabiting a body: from a perspective of gratitude, amazement and kindness. 

To approach inhabiting my body with gratitude, amazement and kindness, I can mindfully ask myself:

  • How does my body feel? How does my body want to feel? How do I want to feel in my body?
  • In what ways has my body graciously served me today? This week? Last month? Over the past year? Decade?
  • What does my body need in order to thrive? (Rest? Nourishment? Movement?)
  • How can I be kind to my body right now?

How do you inhabit your body? Critically or with respect? With remorse or gratitude? Share your thoughts and reflections here in the blog comments or at the facebook community page.


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