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During the first few months of each new year, women's magazines highlight decluttering and organizing. This year is no different—except that a new book by Japanese tidying consultant Marie Kondo has captured the attention of the world. 

In her bestselling book The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up, Marie Kondo describes her epiphany that the decluttering processes we've all been conditioned to follow are simply all wrong. Rather than spend our energy looking for what to get rid of, she advises, what really works to declutter (and to keep our spaces decluttered) is to focus instead on what to keep.

Does this object spark joy?

That's the key question Kondo suggests we should be asking ourselves about our stuff. If an items does not spark joy, then we must acknowledge its past service with gratitude as we move it to the get-rid-of-it pile. This process is the essence of mindful decluttering. Practice mindfulness toward each item we own, each item we discard and each item we chose to bring into our homes.

While mindful decluttering is the basis of Kondo's decluttering process (also known as the KonMari Method), it's just the beginning. Through her process, Kondo prescribes a specific order of evaluating our possessions, beginning with clothing—all of our clothing. Make this a special event, she advises, rather than an on-going process.

Though I'm itching to begin KonMari-ing my own home, I have decided first to absorb the information and get really geared up for this special event. (I'm also lobbying my family in an effort to get everyone on board to maximize impact and develop lasting effects throughout my household.)

My 2015 Vision Map (pictured below) serves as validation and a reminder that mindful decluttering is in the plans for this year. 

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Recently I picked up another home organizing book that seems to be a good companion to Kondo's book: Soul Space by Xorin Balbes. I know some of you have been working through it and am curious to read more about your thoughts and experiences around mindful decluttering. As always, you're invited to comment here on the blog or on the facebook community page.


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