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As we approach the end of March, we come to the end of 2015's Season of Mindfulness here at Learn + Explore + Share.

When the seasons change, I often take the opportunity to look at my Vision Map for the year. Where have I been so far this year? Where am I currently headed? Do I need to recalibrate my path to get back on track to where I want to be? Or do I want to revise my Vision of what I want for the remainder of the year? 

Trust updated Vision Map LearnExploreShare
My updated 2015 Vision Map.

Mindful Decision Making

Recently I was struggling with a decision whether or not to accept a project that I was invited to do. I was leaning toward saying no, and when I checked in with my Vision Map and didn't see anything related to the project, I confidently delivered my decision to decline the project.

As I often describe when I write about Vision Mapping, my Vision Map helps remind me how I want to spend my time, energy and resources. On the back of my Map, I list activities I've done that fit my Vision and overall Heart's Path. Doing so on a regular basis helps me make choices that I know I will want to write on the back of the Map. 

Moving Mindfully Forward

Part of the process of creating a Vision Map asks me to listen to and honor my heart's inner yearnings, whether or not I understand them when I am intuitively selecting images or words. One example in my Vision Map for this year is the copyright symbol I placed in my map's lower right corner. When I created this Map in December/January, I knew the copyright symbol meant a book; at the time, however, I had no plans for a book in 2015.

If you follow me on Instagram (where my handle is @learnexploreshare), you might have noticed that this month I actively began working on a book. My heart led me to this (e)book, and it wasn't until reviewing my Vision Map for this post that I made the connection between this book project and that copyright symbol on my 2015 Vision Map. (Wow.) Now that I have made the connection, I feel even more pulled to work on the book project because it's there on my Map (in more ways than one)!


The topic of Vision Mapping makes a good bridge into the Season of Listening that begins in April. Creating a Vision Map is a way of paying attention to desires and commitments and a way of reflecting our inner thoughts and ideas in a tangible form. To me, that's what the Guidepost of Listening is: transferring deep and purposeful Mindfulness, or Paying Attention, into a tangible form—any tangible form. Next week, we'll begin our journey into the Season of Listening.

In the meantime, I look forward to connecting with you through blog comments, in the facebook community group and at Instagram (my favorite social media platform). Cheers!