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Learn: The Value of Recording Your Heart's Truth

Learn: What Does it Mean to Listen to Your Heart?


In the journey of discovering my heart's true path, I identified Listening as a distinct guidepost in order to stress that it's important to first cultivate a mindfulness practice in order to practice listening—accurately and fully—to the true messages of one's heart. (For an overview of the guideposts, check out Learn: The Five Guideposts.)

When I listen without mindfulness, I hear lots of often confusing and opposing messages. It's only when I listen mindfully that I can recognize the messages that are true and authentic to my own heart—the messages that are coming from my inner wisdom rather than from outside influences and expectations.

To me, the guidepost of Listening also involves recording my heart's truth. My main way to do this is through journaling, though I sometimes put my heart's truth into art. I'm still researching other ways for people to listen and record their own truths so that I can guide others to methods that will work well for them. This is a topic I hope to explore together in the coming weeks during this Season of Listening.

Do you have a method for listening and recording that works for you? I would love to learn from your experience! Share your thoughts in a comment below or at the community facebook page

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