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Learn: The Value of Recording Your Heart's Truth


As I described last week in Learn: What Does it Mean to Listen to Your Heart, mindfulness helps me recognize and identify my heart's authentic truth. I also explained that the guidepost of Listening involves recording this truth in some way. 

What I Mean by Recording Truth

By noticing my inner truth, I began to build a foundation for my heart's true path. Paying attention, noticing, mindfulness ... all provide a great start toward recognizing one's path. To me, recording these noticings is a way to sketch out landmarks that will help form a clear map later on. 

The means by which I record my own heart's truth include:

  • writing longhand: free-writing, writing Morning Pages, journaling, answering internal questions on paper, writing from prompts
  • creating art: art-journaling, water-coloring, creating mixed media pieces
  • Vision Mapping: compiling a collage of images and words

Note that these are the forms recording takes in my life, based on how my brain thinks and reflects and makes sense of the world. In a future post, I'll explore other means of recording one's truth. (And, as I mentioned in the last post, I would love to hear your ideas and suggestions!)

Benefits of Recording Your Heart's Truth

There are two primary benefits to recording your heart's truth beyond the noticing:

First, the practice of recording truth changes the pace of thoughts. When I write longhand, as opposed to typing on a computer, my thoughts have to slow down in order for my hand to keep up. While I can type basically as fast as I think, I cannot write longhand as quickly as my thoughts fly through my mind. As my thoughts slow down during longhand writing, I practice a valuably different—if not deeper—level of inwardly focused mindfulness. Sometimes this practice reveals surprises and ahas ... lessons and clues about my truth that I might not otherwise have noticed.

Second, recordings offer something tangible on which to look back. Through recordings, I can recognize repeating themes and identify patterns, and these patterns offer the key to discovering inner truths. I find great value in being able to look at a tangible record of what's come up through mindful listening. When I look at my record at different times, I might notice new clues to my path. The fifth (or 50th or 500th) time I write down one particular thought might be the time when everything clicks and I finally understand the meaning of that thought (or am again reminded of its meaning).

Do you record your noticings, your patterns, your lessons learned or ahas? If so, what form do your recordings take? I love learning from you all and look forward to reading about your own listening and recording practices. Thank you for sharing your reflections in a blog comment or on facebook at the Learn+Explore+Share community page


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