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Share: On Connecting {Learning from the film Indie Kindred}

Share: Change Is in the Air

While I did not intend to be silent during the Season of Listening, spring turned out to be an introspective season for me, and I just didn't share much online (except on Instagram, my favorite social media platform).

During the past months, I have realized that my interests have shifted away from sharing my knowledge of how to discover and live your heart's true path. I continue to honor my own heart's true path—connecting, creating, exploring, learning and moving—and continue to use the guideposts outlined here on the blog to help me stay true to my heart.

daylily buds

In the coming weeks, Learn + Explore + Share will begin to reflect my internal shifts. The wealth of heart's path information will always be available in the L + E + S archives. Currently, my plan does involve offering Vision Mapping workshops, though just once or twice a year. (You can click here to subscribe to email updates about course and workshop offerings.)

As a Possibilitarian, I am open to and excited for what this next chapter of my life—and this blog—will bring.

Thank you for your continued support and interest. All best to you as you discover and live your own heart's path. I hope you'll stop back later this summer to see the new Learn + Explore + Share!