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Recently, I joined a small group of women in viewing storyteller Jen Lee's film Indie Kindred, a documentary portraying a number of independent artists who actively practice creative collaboration.

While the film focuses specifically on women who make a living through their art, these women's messages can resonate for anyone seeking to find a "tribe" of like-minded people focused on any particular activity.

Indie Kindred from Jen Lee on Vimeo.


Like those of us who aim to honor our heart's truth, the artists in the film strive to work and live their lives authentically and in line with their individual values.

Many of the women portrayed in the film—and, likewise, those of us who gathered to watch it—had first connected through online groups. Later gathering in person, they deepened their connections through face-to-face and heart-to-heart interactions.

While the women described different ways of knowing how or when a connection feels deep and true, there are a few common practices that can help anyone cook up heart-centered connections:

  • finding common stories
  • building relationships with individual group members
  • cultivating trust with one another
  • practicing authenticity and vulnerability

In the film, artist Liz Kalloch shared a profound lesson she learned after trying unsuccessfully to fit in with a particular group of people whom she thought were "her people." She realized she had been trying to be and act a certain way in order to fit the group and that she didn't feel that group wanted the person she truly was. Finding a tribe is "not about being let in," she concluded. "It's about opening the door and walking in." It's about being authentic and being brave.

If your heart's true path involves creativity, check out the Indie Kindred matchmaking plan here. If you don't feel called to connect with creatives and makers, look at the activities that bring your heart the most joy and consider how you might connect with others who share this same interest. Search; listings in your local paper; or opportunities at your place of worship, at your school or through community education courses. 

And if you're feeling stuck on how to find your own group of kindreds, leave a comment here or on the Facebook community page. We can work together to find ways for you to connect with your own group of like-minded folks!

[N]one of us has to be who we are in the world alone.
—Jen Lee from The 10 Letters Project